This morning I read a Tweeet which took me to one of the blogs of policy of the newspaper La Opinion de Murcia. The owner took advantage of the recent Championship of Europe achieved by the selection of football and said, Spain, unemployed, champion! and gave the latest Eurostat data which reflects that Spain is the leader in unemployment rate already reaching 24.6% of the active population, i.e. 1 of every 4 Spanish age work, cannot find work! The rate is higher even than the Greece which remains at 21.9%. Lejisimos therefore the enviable Figure 4.1% of Austria or 5.1% of the Netherlands. In terms of youth unemployment, the picture is even more bleak.

Among children under 25 years of average European unemployment rate reached 22.6% but in Spain reached 52.1%! MORE THAN DOUBLE! There, now you, see if he tie us Greece. In short, on the other hand leia and retuiteaba another tweet from @GustavoSBR in which was spoken that the Government rehearses the clipping of officials in public managers. In other words, cuts in the number of public executives as proof to officials cut that is to come and at this time a large number of paradosse is devoted to prepare oppositions! Ultimately a bleak panorama, companies that have closed in Spain since the beginning of the crisis are already close to 200,000! and Spain is once again in recession. They are therefore, and as they said my admired (and viejisimos) already low blows (the group name also comes also to the hair), bad times for poetry and for almost everything. From here they are no longer data, but my thoughts and reflections.

The consequences of all these data for the future are clear, the labour market, as we knew it in Spain, has changed forever. Nothing will be the same again, ran good salaries by working 8 or 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, fixed work ran, go all those comforts olvidandonos that enjoyed. It is untenable for any company to keep costs so high personal if these they are not productive. From that can get out of the crisis, which will come the day, think that we should all be freelancers and charge depending on our production, if we sell charge, if not if companies we generate them revenue, we will have income. But we will not be burdens for undertakings. And do the Spaniards to emerge from the crisis and preparing for what awaits us? That friend is another story! and I will give you my opinion in a following post. But it is time to invest in profitable businesses that you think the reflection? Do people conmmigo or on the contrary think that not be what I say?