If you decide to buy a mobile phone, you have to worry about what features have the cell phone. If you want to a mobile phone, herhlt which only making calls and at best to send SMS, one comes away with the purchase of course, cheaper. Here we recommend a cell phone without a contract. If we seek, but a phone that features such as MMS service, digital and video cameras, mobile fax and finally a second life as an MP3 – Player exhibits that are often more than 200, – . With such a huge choice of functions, it would be advisable to choose when buying a phone without a contract – the so-called prepaid tariff -, ie, the buyer invites himself when necessary, either with his mobile phone scratch cards (for example, there are at the supermarket checkout, to stations or at the Preesehandel) or at the ATMs on. When a cell phone with a contract it can easily happen that you start out with all the evaluation of many different functions of losing control costs from the eyes and then peppered with a statement from the contract providers wonder what happenedincreases in young people is the case. Brad Powers Here it should be more likely to prepaid – can access (and a very nicely packaged Ladekarte birthday is also a nice idea, if for example, grandma and grandpa is not an appropriate gift can think). A cell phone without a contract, therefore, the cost of compensating possible answer, at least for a cell phone with many functions and a correspondingly high price. For business travelers, the move is worth a multifunctional mobile phone that functions like e-mail fax – Service exhibits. By and large, there is every need for the right phone and the appropriate fare.