Samsung Reinforces Commitment to Music

Samsung Mobile, organizes the first contest of models for Samsung Rock and Call university. From April 1 until May 23, any musical group, in which at least one component is a member of the university community, may participate in this contest, provided they do not have an album released, nor signed a recording contract or publisher. The music category of the contest is Pop-Rock.

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Listen to the Songs of Cri-Cri the Grillito Singer

Cri-Cri, Grillito Cantor is a character invented by Francisco Gabilondo Soler, Mexican composer who created and sang many songs for children. From 1934 to 1961 carried out several radio programmes aimed at children in which there were stories and sing nursery rhymes.

Those silly songs interpreted by Cri-Cri are famous in Latin America and has crossed language barriers with different translations into other languages. Since we can find a lot of data about the author (and Grillo), from his biography, information on how to buy his records and videos, sheet music, musical cards and an interesting section from which to listen to the recordings of his songs in MP3 format.

Each song is accompanied by their handwriting, and are original recordings. Some of the songs are interpreted in French and even Japanese. Famous authors accompanying Singer Grillo, as Placido Domingo, the clown or a couple Miliki Clash, which interprets the fun? Mouse cowboy?. In addition, all children’s song lyrics are not recorded but are also available from here.