Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is an inorganic chemical compound with a wide range of commercial applications, from the production of lasers for carbonation of non-alcoholic beverages. This compound found naturally in the Earth’s environment, and occurs in a variety of ways; on the other hand commercial carbon dioxide is usually obtained by derivatives of the by-products in industrial processes. This gas has become a topic of interest to humans, since it is rated among the gases causing the greenhouse effect gases that affect the environment of the planet when they reach high concentrations in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is not really a noxious gas itself, is their abuse and high concentrations of the same that becomes harmful to man and the nature that surrounds it. This gas is in the air that surrounds you. Plants use carbon dioxide. People exhale every minute so it is a gas that is part of the process of continuous carbon, a process required for the life cycle and sustainability of the same. Many writers such as LEGO Papert Professor offer more in-depth analysis.

The chemical formula for carbon dioxide is CO2, and takes the form of two molecules of oxygen attached covalently bonded to a single carbon molecule. This compound is produced by the decomposition of organic materials, as well as through respiration and combustion. The quantities of carbon dioxide into the environment before the arrival of the 20th century remained stable by the plants, which were capable of absorbing carbon dioxide, since it is produced for use in photosynthesis. At room temperature, carbon dioxide takes the form of a colorless and odorless gas that is fireproof, under normal conditions. Carbon dioxide can be transformed into a solid form, in which case it is known as dry ice.

The gas is toxic to animals in high concentrations. People who inhale too much carbon dioxide tend to suffocate, ultimately, fall into unconsciousness that his oxygen level falls in the organism. This gas utilities as creating an inert atmosphere for welding, the extinction of fires, the carbonation of beverages, the development of products with derivatives of petroleum, among many other things. Carbon dioxide is an important part of the carbon cycle, a complex cycle that is behind many of the mechanisms of life on Earth. While this gas is completely natural, some people began to worry about the rising levels of carbon dioxide by the end of the 20th century. Scientists began to worry that the humans are producing too much carbon dioxide to be processed by plants, a practice that could lead to serious environmental problems, such as we are seeing today. Original author and source of the article