Built-In Appliances

In modern kitchens have long been popular with built-in appliances. Also growing in popularity are appliances that perform different functions. For example, split washer and dryer for two stand-alone unit or a refrigerator and freezer: Similarly, you can buy a separate fridge, separately – freezer with lots of shelves and boxes for freezing and storage products. The same trend touched and plates for cooking. As a rule, in a plate combine the two devices: the panel for cooking with gas or electric hobs and oven pancakes. At the moment, can be purchased separately hob and separate the same oven. Hobs divided into gas and electric. And also on the dependent and independent.

If the cooking surface can only be installed over an oven and shares with him the controls, it is called dependent. If the surface has autonomous control and can be embedded in any place – it is called independent. For example, consider an independent hob Bosch pkn 645 E. This electrical panel with four "pancakes" heating and a touch control type. Two of the four heating zones – Advanced, which is very convenient for heating the container with a wide surface. The working surface of the panel Bosch pkn 645 E is made of glass-ceramic, and the type of heating elements – the corrugated ribbon.

Ceramic Glass looks good on a modern kitchen and easy to clean than other materials. However, its cost higher. Glass ceramic hobs can be of different colors and even have drawings, application of which can be ordered separately. The disadvantages of glass-ceramics can be attributed a certain fragility – it can crack when hit cold water on a heated surface. As for dishes that can be used for cooking on an electric hob, then it should not be made of aluminum and, of course, unacceptable use of the dish with a convex bottom. If you're worried about the safety of young children who like to push different buttons and may inadvertently include plate, the hob Bosch pkn 645 E has built-in "Child Protection", which will block the inclusion of the panel in your absence. In Hob An indicator of residual heat and you can always see whether more heated "pancakes" or not. Dimensions are as follows: (WxD): 58h52, see Dimensions niches (WxD): 56h50 cm