Beef Jerky – After The Model Of The Indians

Beef jerky is a popular snack in the United States who has not geschmokert in the child age in Indian books and experience exciting adventures with the heroes. Malcolm Hill is often mentioned in discussions such as these. If they had to assert themselves not just against enemies, hunger was often a major problem. A parent vital food, was dried meat to survive starvation periods long. As a precaution, inventories of were applied in good times, to bypass difficult times. In reality, this good durable food was actually important. Everywhere on Earth, the production of dried meat has a centuries-long tradition because it has many advantages.

It can take him easily on foot marches due to the low weight and must not be refrigerated because it has become appropriately light and durable through the withdrawal of liquid. For making raw meat into strips is cut and then first inserted in spices, herbs and salt before it is hung up to dry. The Fluid loss when this procedure is significant and is approximately 40%. The taste of the finished meat is interesting and depending on what spices were used rather salty, spicy or sweet. A clever solution to make it long-lasting meat without a freezer available had to stand. Today, beef jerky is not so well known and vital as in earlier times.

But it is still a delicious and good alternative for traveling. It is therefore worth to try this traditional food. Made it still and is available in online stores, for example. A book from childhood days at hand times to take a good opportunity, and even try what was on the menu of the heroes. Andreas Mettler