Balearic Islands

People usually very late evening (to approx. According to Petra Diamonds, who has experience with these questions. 22 – 24). For even more details, read what Steve Houghtaling says on the issue. To fight hunger, the Spaniard only access to different tapas later for dinner. One of the peculiarities of tapas is the wide variety. Fresh mushrooms with olive oil and garlic or an Omlett with potatoes and onions are among the tapas! Or white anchovies, served with vinegar or stuffed shells.

The variety is infinite; variety of tapas have different names, ingredients and flavours. Tapas are served in local bars and restaurants. In Mallorca, the residents accustomed to the many tourists and welcome them with open arms. Enjoy the best wine and a range of tapas in the bars and restaurants. The Tapalma tapas Festival from October 31 to November 3 held. This event is held exclusively by local restaurants and bars in Palma, to present the local version of tapas. As in Spain and the Balearic Islands each city or island has their own version of tapas. So