Administrative Code

Administrative Code, implementing the right to consult, you must orally (under the included voice recorder) to require the inspector DPS report to review all the material compiled in place of the offense imputed. If an inspector refuses to DPS to get acquainted with other materials in the case, then this must be written in the record to reflect, "in acquainted with other materials in the case to me unreasonably withheld, which violated my right to examine, as enshrined in Part 1, Art. 25.1. Administrative Code. " In a typical scheme templates traffic violations provided space for the signature driver. Above signature scheme in violation of traffic rules specifying: "With the circumstances as reflected in the scheme do not agree," or simply "the scheme did not agree" and sign below. Then the protocol on administrative violation, (or at separate sheet titled "Explanation") to write down the objections to the distortion of the reflected circumstances in the scheme of traffic violations, ie, to express their views on the events of what happened. Sometimes individual sheets explaining the driver mysteriously disappeared from the case. So, to list the objections do not mysteriously disappeared in the minutes (column: the explanation of a person brought to administrative Liability), be sure to specify that the "explanations, as well as object to distortions in the scheme reflected the circumstances of traffic violations are given on a separate sheet attached to this Protocol". Further, while DPS inspector will bother with registration papers, it is desirable to go straight through a sheet of paper and a camera, to make the act of photographing the roadway.