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Top Ten Reason To Publish An Electronic Journal And A Blog

Blogs are the hottest thing going these days when it comes to marketing on the Internet. A blog is a way to deliver your messages and article to clients. This is a personal web site as easy to create and far less expensive than traditional web sites. Just when you thought you were mastering the tasks of magazines and newsletters, blogs arrive, and you have to wonder: Do I really need a blog? Is not email an ezine or newsletter doing the same? I do both? Are these two marketing tools are going to eat all my time, energy and money? What is the best way to spend my resources here so that I can get customers and the results of my marketing efforts? Here are ten reasons why you should pay attention to this new blog revolution and do both and ezine and a blog. 1. Because the Web is based blog is published instantaneously every time you post.

This allows you to be spontaneous and current with issues that affect their readers / customers. Blogs are short, magazines can be longer. It can complement the other. 2. Because blog posts are spontaneous, they tend to be more informal, friendly and conversational. Blogs show your personality.

Ezines show their knowledge. Your readers / clients need to know who you are before they will invest in their services. Providing both an ezine and a blog allows your readers to know you. 3. You can set up a subscription form on your blog and your subscribers receive a short term in their inboxes every time something new job.

Daniel Florez Cana

Today we talk about codependency aa. For those who do not know what it means there is a definition of the many that run Internet: Codependency can be defined as a disease whose main characteristic is the lack of identity. The codependent loses connection with the feelings, needs and wants. If it is sweet and nice but not feel it, it is because he accepted. He believes his value as a person depends on the opinions of others. It gives more importance to others than himself. .

Invests an enormous amount of energy to maintain an image or status to impress because his self-esteem is very low, depending on the value that others give. Codependency as I understand the obsessive need to be with someone to feel good. This problem is very common among couples. There are also co-dependency in Addictions: smoking or drinking alcohol to feel good. Codependence of children, etc. This type of syndrome is very harmful to ourselves because we canceled as people, that is, we forget ourselves.

We are always outstanding problems of another person which ultimately is detrimental to the relationship. Each partner takes a role: one is El Salvador and on the other hand the victim. It is a form of slavery for both parties. It is a form of addiction. yComo out of this dynamic? First we must realize one thing: we are all grown up to know what is right and wrong. No one sucks his thumb. In a codependent relationship the victim has assumed his role and let him act as it pleases without thinking of the damage that may result. The victim knows that their savior will always be there not to drop it. Liberate from this bondage! Give the victim the opportunity to take charge of their lives and address their problems. Do not assume your responsibilities. If you’re sinking deeper. Let it sink until it bottoms out and is she who comes from the well. It is a difficult path to go where there will be many relapses. But do not forget one thing: People change when they themselves decide to change. You put the means but do not assume the direction the car is not yours. To end a saying that reflects the direction we take, “Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can change, peace for which I can accept and the wisdom to distinguish the difference.

Bolivian President Evo Morales

On the other hand, there is now a permanent and supportive contact with personalities and cultural and charitable institutions in Brazil, confirming that they also support the statement of the Guarani as an official language of Mercosur. 7. DE AMONG THE NEW MEMBERS OF MERCOSUR: Bolivia BOLIVIAN SITUATION official the Guarani before Paraguay and Corrientes inclusive. This is a very important reading we are doing today Guarani regional. In fact, Bolivia has four official languages: Castilian, Guarani, Quechua and Aymara.

All south-eastern Bolivia is almost Guarani-speaking. There are intercultural bilingual education programs with several years of tradition. They also have a myriad of publications in Guarani. But the most striking note of recent times recently gave the current Bolivian President Evo Morales, to deploy two years by state officials to learn and use in interpersonal relationships, more than Castilian any of the other official languages, including including the Guarani. Also, starting in 2009, Bolivia enabled three Universities. One for the Guarani, Quechua and the other for the third for the Aymara, where professionals will be trained through classes in these languages. 8.

BEYOND THE MERCOSUR: THE STRONG INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT There is no doubt that the Guarani – internationally, became something like the pretty girl. It seems that became a fatal attraction for everyone. We can say that in all continents of the earth one or more concentrated attention on this ancient and enigmatic language. There are now nearly 5 million Internet sites in the world that promote the Guarani. Specifically, Google-one search engine, has a version translated into Guarani.

Virtual Classroom Learning

Take the time to inner silence The advancement of science, technological development, all within an increasingly proactive globalization has seriously affected education, leading to new learning methods that foster the development of human talent of people. The emergence of virtual classrooms that breaks many traditional schemes, such as class attendance invited to be considered in scope, impact so that they know manage to ensure favorable results for all those involved. The openness of the Internet, its scope, what she is creating in favor of communication, promote learning should be taken into account by universities, our interest, to use their advantages, opportunities that have been willing, such as If the virtual classroom that opens the doors of the university at large distances so that those interested in personal growth and professional can benefit from what she offers. Of course, that by identifying with their implications, advantages, but also determine its limitations, provides a new opening which requires that teachers know about their advantages, applicability and make use of it in an effective way to provide interest in those who claim they use. No wonder as Scagnoli Norma says, but not all have joined this revolution, are still those who doubt and do not see the Internet as a "tool." Part of this fear is given by the lack of regulation and control that has the WWW, what makes anyone to publish without much substance, or that the screen is full of surprises where the class can be lost in cyberspace if there organizing a plan and adequate resources.